Some people seek a 'walk around' lens so if there is such a thing maybe some of us can consider ourselves walk around photographers.  I for one would like to claim that i am a walk around photographer.  95 percent of my pictures are taken while walking around seeking something i see that grabs me like a kidnapper.  of course i enjoy the sense of subjects grabbing my attention and would prefer it over a kidnapper napping me but you get it.  One thing i am strangely attracted to among others is chairs.  To see chairs left out abandoned, no longer useful for its purpose in a good sit down chair interests me because quite simply i feel bad for such an object.  Like a puppy with no home these subjects give me a feeling of guilt that it was once owned and appreciated and now is only a matter of time before it is completely trashed, burned or rotted.  I like to find interesting chairs with good character and a nice environment to accompany it. Even though these chairs have no mind of their own i like to think that photographing them makes them feel less lonely and is a final salute before they are gone for good.  One mans trashy ass chair is another mans picture.
The Purple Chair At The Green House
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