About Me

I’m an artist. I create images inspired by scenes that unfold before myself.  Whether I am in the streets or in the field I always have a camera. I'm fueled by imagination and am guided by light.  I want my images to invoke emotion and thought.  Life itself should be fun, beautiful and inspiring. Thats what I attempt to convey in my photography.  Everyone should photograph and everyone should love each other. 

  Id Like to Give Special Inspiration Thanks and love to

The Mocks

Alex Nemmers

My Blood-brother 

My Father Joseph
My Mother Pat 
Nick T
Cera Macintosh
Jimmy Valvano
Jenn Paxton
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Elliott Erwitt
Rene Magritte
Clint Eastwood
Larry Towell
Diane Arbus
Charles Bukowski
Dude & Presley
My friends.
My Family.
Colorado and Iowa 

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